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Last site update, August 20th, 2002:

The art galleries are complete!



The tear-inducing, highly peculiar, fully (or at least partially)

 functional Mellon Collie's Infinite Artwork 

online art gallery is operational at last!  I am Ms. Collie,

 the Devil Incarnate - I mean, um, artist. 

 On behalf of… well, me, I guess, I would like to thank

 you for coming and shower you with 

my sincere wishes that you find my artwork at the very

 least a good way to pass a few minutes.
Constructive criticism can be given to me in one of three

 ways:  you may sign my guestbook,

email me at, or (if you have AOL

 Instant Messanger) IM me.  (Doombuggie.)
As I am constantly ready to create the next masterwork

 with which I will revolutionize the art 

world as we know it (hah hah) please be so 

kind as to bookmark this page if you find the

 art within to your liking.  Check on it as

 periodically as you would a small child

 playing with rusty hedge clippers.
Cheers and enjoy!

Mellon Collie